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Performance-optimised, tailor-made magnetics from simulation to sample in just a few weeks

In a very different interview from PCIM, ipXchange chats with Sotiris from Frenetic, who takes us through an innovative online platform for designing your own magnetics, primarily for use in power supplies. Better yet, once you’ve optimised your design through intensive simulations, aided by AI and Frenetic’s deep understanding of the technology, you can order physical samples of your simulated magnetic components for use in your project, with a lead time of just a few weeks. 

In this demonstration, Sotiris takes us through an example of using Frenetic to design an LLC full-bridge transformer, starting with some basic specifications. The engineer then receives the voltage and current waveforms on the primary and secondary coils, and discrete Fourier transforms, before moving onto the core optimiser based on the voltages used. Frenetic goes into extensive details such as selecting the core material – all standard materials are available and you can choose your own custom material if required for a special application – as well as the number of turns, based on the core losses and how these best suit the operating conditions within your application. 

The windings are also highly customisable with regards the wire diameter, insulation, arrangement, and more, and Frenetic’s software will warn you if your customised component is likely to overheat if you have not specified sufficient cooling methods you aim to provide in your design. The location of the hottest point in the component is even provided so that you can have an expectation of what to expect when you are conducting physical testing once you receive samples. 

With a power specialist assigned to your case to help you with your configuration, Frenetic takes the hard work out of designing a power supply with the best performance characteristics for your application and the safety qualifications to match. 

Frenetic Magnetic Design Simulation Software And Hardware Solution

Learn more about Frenetic here, and if you’d like to test it out for your own commercial project, fill out the form in the link below, and ipXchange will connect you:

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