Frenetic Magnetic Design Simulation Software And Hardware Solution

Frenetic’s Software is an end-to-end design solution for creating custom magnetic components – inductors, transformers, flybacks, etc. – for use, primarily, in power supplies. These performance-optimised devices are created by first performing simulations via Frenetic’s online platform, which provides designers the ability to create and experiment with magnetic components within a virtual environment before ordering samples of their custom configurations for use in their application. The expected manufacturing time from design to samples in hand is on the order of a few weeks.

Frenetic allows designers to choose between many common power topologies, or a custom topology, and thousands of shapes, core materials, and winding combinations to optimise the performance characteristics of your customised magnetic component. This software is also intelligent enough to inform you of faults in your design that would result in overheating or poor performance of your combinations, with additional simulations that account for your chosen cooling method informing you of expected hotspots in your design.

A power specialist is assigned to your case when you start a design with Frenetic, and once your component has been verified by Frenetic’s engineering team, you can order prototype samples for real-world testing before a full production run. Thanks to a library of ready-to-use designs, you can even order pre-customised products where the work has already been done, dramatically shortening your product development time.

As well as an ANSYS simulation environment that can be used to create a full EM field map for any electromechanical device or power application, Frenetic provides designers with a bill of materials at the end of the design process. This includes all the main data you need to assemble your magnetic, and subsequently what Frenetic will require when they create your samples. This can also be sent to another manufacturer if your material needs are very application specific.

Frenetic offers a ‘Zero’ option for evaluating their software, but if you’d like to learn more, fill in the form below stating what type of magnetic components you are looking to create, and ipXchange will put you in contact with Frenetic to discuss your project and how they can help you create magnetics with the best performance characteristics for your application.

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