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Reliable sourcing for all your EV fast charging needs! Vincotech’s SiC DC Power Modules at PCIM

Returning to PCIM coverage, ipXchange talks with Evangelos from Vincotech about their innovative silicon carbide (SiC) EV charging power modules*. With solutions available for both the AC-to-DC conversion from the grid and the DC-to-DC conversion that matches the charging voltage to a vehicle’s battery, Vincotech offers a wide variety of power modules in different topologies, ready-to-use packages, and PCB options for particularly compact designs, ranging from 10- to 150-kW rating. 

It’s this flexibility that gives Vincotech their differentiating factor over competitor alternatives. Industry-standard packages and Vincotech’s multiple sourcing of the SiC components within their modules means that engineers can be sure that this disruptive innovator will be a reliable partner when they need to get their products to a worldwide market. Vincotech’s expertise in building third-party SiC into modules that use advanced packaging techniques is the icing on the cake for creating compact solutions in the highly relevant field of EV charging. The cherry on top is the short 8-to-10-week lead time if you require samples for evaluation! 

*For those who are unfamiliar with silicon carbide technology, SiC enables higher switching frequencies than traditional silicon components. This means that smaller passive components can be used within power designs to make them lighter, more compact, and, thanks to the wide band gap properties of SiC, more efficient than ever before. 

Vincotech Silicon Carbide DC Power Modules For EV Battery Fast Charging

So learn more about Vincotech’s wide range of EV fast-charging solutions below, where you can also apply to evaluate this technology for use in a commercial application

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