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Reliable USB-3.2 video over 100 metres of cabling

In ipXchange’s last of three interviews with Valens at CES 2024, Daniel shows Guy another demonstration of Valens’ incredible signal-extension and SerDes technology.

This time, Valens’ new VS6320 chips are the star of the show, providing the World’s first professional-grade, low-power solution to extend USB 3.2 Gen 1 data lines for up to 100 metres of connectivity using a standard cable.

As Daniel explains, USB 3.2 is specified at up to 3 metres, after which it would typically require conversion to expensive fibreoptic systems or multiple signal boosters to achieve longer transmission lengths.

This is no longer the case!

With Valens’ zero-latency solution, cameras and other USB peripherals can be located far from the central PC that hosts the application. This is aided by the VS6320’s symmetric connectivity at up to 6 Gbps and compliancy with the HDBaseT-USB3 video communications standard.

Key application areas that benefit from this solution are large-scale video conferencing systems, medical devices, industrial automation, and machine vision. And as usual for Valens, the VS6320 devices also enable consolidation of other signals such as power and control on the same minimised communication lines.

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