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How to run 4K video over 40 metres of cabling 

In ipXchange’s second interview with Valens at CES 2024, Daniel shows Guy a demonstration of Valens’ MIPI A-PHY technology in action. These devices solve bulky cabling issues by combining multiple sensor, power, and control singles into the simplest communication lines, with fast, lossless data transfer and robust operation in high-EMI environments. 

As explained in the previous interview Valens’ MIPI A-PHY devices are the first to serve this new high-speed, long-reach SerDes standard for automotive applications. While this standard is specified at up to 15-m cable lengths, Valens’ solution enables engineers to go far beyond this. 

The demo setup consists of a 4K camera running a 4-Gbps data link over 40 m of coaxial cabling, with several inline connectors. This sort of visual-system cable length is required, for example, in long vehicles like trucks, or agricultural and industrial machinery. 

As well as the obvious length boost, this setup demonstrates how Valens’ high signal integrity and intelligent error correction means that the highest quality cables are not required for reliable data transfer. 

Learn more about Valens’ MIPI A-PHY devices by following the link to the board page below, where you can also apply to evaluate the technology for use in a commercial project. 

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