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Robust 2-way data communication and power using just 2 wires? iC-Haus has the solution!

Trying to connect two MCUs, sensors, or encoders over 100 metres of cabling? Want to reduce the bulk within your motor or robotics application by switching from 6 wires to 2 wires per data line? 

In this latest interview at SENSOR+TEST 2023, ipXchange talks with Marcel from iC-Haus, who had a practical demonstration of a long-distance communication line on their stand, using their innovative iC-BL interface chips. The key highlight of this disruptive technology is that all data communication and power between the master and slave devices is done using just two wires, robustly with error correction and a fixed data rate of 12.5 Mbps; this is perfect for 8- and 10-bit coding on the BiSS line transmission. 

In the demo, a magnetic sensor detects the position of a wheel, and this position is then transferred over the 100 metres of coiled cabling so that another wheel’s rotation is matched using a motor. As you can see, the control is instantaneous. Not only that, but the acceleration of the second wheel is detected using a sensor on the slave end, and this data is then fed back to the control side of the demo. That’s 2-way data communication AND power on just two wires! 

iC-Haus offers evaluation boards tailored for use with BiSS C sensors, for general interfaces such as I2C and SPI, and converter boards to put their technology to use in applications such as motor feedback, position sensing, robotics, long distance SPI links, and device diagnosis and condition monitoring. 

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iC-Haus iC-BL BiSS Line Interface ICs For One-Cable Sensor, Actuator, Or Control Communications

Learn more about iC-Haus’ iC-BL here, where you can also apply to evaluate the technology for use in your commercial projects

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