iC-Haus iC-BL BiSS Line Interface ICs For One-Cable Sensor, Actuator, Or Control Communications

iC-Haus’ iC-BL ICs provide an easy way of implementing BiSS Line protocols for 2- or 4-wire 2-way data communication and power delivery between connected devices. It is particularly useful for motion control and sensor applications, and situations where two microcontrollers require robust communication over simplified data lines or over long distances. Other applications include:

  • 2- and 4-wire sensor interfaces
  • Motor feedback
  • Position sensing
  • Robotics
  • Long distance SPI links
  • Robust multi-sensor data communication
  • BiSS C to BiSS Line adaptors
  • Device diagnosis and condition monitoring

iC-BL features master and slave operation within the same device with bidirectional data communication at 12.5 Mbps – using an on-chip RS485 line transceiver for point-to-point and bus applications – and forward error correction to ensure data integrity. The device supports BiSS C, SPI, I2C, and SSI (master only) communication interfaces, and the internal voltage generator can output your choice of 2.5, 3.3, or 5 V to support your actuator, sensor, or controller device, with a maximum current of 200 mA.

The device is also capable of BiSS Line to BiSS C protocol transfer and can daisy-chain up to 8 BiSS C slaves with data lengths up to 64 bits each for even greater simplification of communications over a single cable.

The iC-BL device can be powered using 5 V or from a 7-30 V supply and has an operating temperature range of –40°C to +105°C, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. For more information about this device, please consult this official product factsheet.

iC-Haus produces a number of different ways to evaluate their iC-BL devices, so ipXchange has summarised a couple of them below. That said, if you were to fill in the form below to apply to evaluate the technology, we would greatly recommend engineers using the most appropriate method of evaluation as suggested after consulting with iC-Haus.

The iC-BL EVAL BL1D is the more advanced evaluation kit used for testing the full functionality of iC-BL, including BiSS Line master or slave functionality, 2- or 4-wire communication, and sensor supply voltage generation, using all protocols. You can read more about it in this datasheet.

Alternatively, the iC-BL EVAL BL3M is a BiSS Line slave module that can be used for simple integration of a 5 V BiSS C slave into a BiSS Line, available in 2- and 4-wire variants. Learn more about this board here.

For typical slave-type applications, both evaluation platforms are used in conjunction with iC-Haus’ BiSS Line-to-USB PC Adapter for easy understanding of the performance during the evaluation process.

If you’ve got a commercial project where you think iC-Haus would be a great partner, fill out the form below with details of your project, and ipXchange will do our best to get you on a call with iC-Haus to facilitate evaluation.

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