Valens VA7000 Series MIPI A-PHY SerDes Devices

Valens’ VA7000 series presents the first MIPI A-PHY-compliant devices for SerDes (Serialisation/Deserialisation) in automotive applications, including ADAS, autonomous vehicles, and in-cabin systems. Additional applications include video conferencing, education, digital signage, medical, industrial, and entertainment.

These devices enable designers to streamline wiring for CSI-2, I2C, SPI, clock, frame sync, GPIO, and power signals – such as combining multiple signals into a single twisted pair – while simultaneously extending the wired connectivity range to 15 or 40 metres. This makes them an idea wiring solution for long vehicles like trucks.

The VA7000 series of devices features options for 4- or 8-Gbps serialisers and single, dual, or quad deserialisers at up to 34.2 Gbps (C-PHY) or 20 Gbps (D-PHY). These devices are extremely resilient to EMC and environmental interference and feature integrated DSP for error correction, ensuring perfect transmission of safety-critical data/signals regardless of cable degradation.

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