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Saving design time and cost with Robustel’s embedded 4G router 

It’s part 2 of Robustel’s visit to the ipXchange studios! This time, Eamon and David chat a little more about Robustel’s R1511P embedded 4G/LTE router, but more importantly, they highlight why an engineer might want to use this complete solution instead of designing a similar system from the ground up. 

As David highlights, the growing number of cellular IoT devices in recent years has presented quite a challenge when it comes to certification and maintenance of devices. This is especially true for production runs of less than ten thousand units or when there is a requirement for fast time to market; getting hold of the cellular chips themselves might be an issue, economically as well as due to allocation for larger projects. 

By using an embedded modular approach to design, engineers are saved the time and frustration of sourcing and integrating cellular modules as Robustel has done the hard work for them. A current way of solving this problem is to bulk-buy standard cellular routers, remove the board, and then integrate it into a design – it seems the easiest way to get smaller quantities of ready-to-deploy components. 

This workaround obviously comes with a lot of wasted enclosures, despite the convenience of a compact, ready-to-use cellular solution. Robustel created its pre-certified, EMC-compliant, board-only solution to solve this issue. The R1511P is also coated so that it can operate in more-open deployments, such as in an electric meter box for a building. 

As well as a hardware solution, Robustel provides the software and cloud platform to save additional development time and system integration. The Linux-based operating system of the R1511P alone saves thousands of hours of software engineering time to run whatever you require for your application, such as AT commands and remote SMS control. 

It also enables interfacing with Robustel’s Microsoft-Azure-based cloud platform for management of your IoT network and the devices on it. This includes functions such as on-demand in-bound VPN generation. Commercially, this brings a huge cost saving to any cellular IoT project with a long service lifetime. 

As well as connectivity, the R1511P can be used to control and manage power to other parts of the design thanks to the RS232 (default) or RS485 ports. This makes it great for retrofitting to existing infrastructure like bus signs as 2G and 3G networks are retired. Since ‘fixing’ these existing designs has very little return on investment – it’s simply a case of keeping it in operation – a solution like Robustel’s can truly lower the cost of integrating 4G connectivity. 

The modular approach also means that you no longer require a complete circuit re-design when a wireless module requires changing – just swap it out! The R1511P also supports Wi-Fi and dual-ethernet connectivity so that your customers can use local connectivity options when interacting with end devices. This also enables failover between different networks, managed by the inbuild software. 

Learn more about Robustel’s R1511P embedded 4G/LTE router by following the link to the board page below, where you can also apply to evaluate this technology for use in a commercial project. 

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Robustel R1511P Embedded 4G/LTE Router With Dual-Ethernet + Wi-Fi

Looking for a ready-to-deploy, pre-certified solution for retrofitting 4G connectivity to existing infrastructure?

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