Robustel R1511P Embedded 4G/LTE Router With Dual-Ethernet + Wi-Fi

Robustel’s R1511P presents designers with a ready-made, compact solution for cellular connectivity that reduces cost and time-to-market in medium-sized production runs, where the economics of ordering large quantities of individual chips may be unviable for creating a competitive product.

The R1511P is easy to integrate into new or existing products to add 4G/LTE/3G/2G, dual-ethernet (10/100 Mbps), and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity (300 Mbps), while additionally serving as a power hub for the design if required. It also features an RS232 (default) or RS485 port and an integrated Modbus gateway for additional wired communications. Key application areas include:

  • EV charging stations
  • Traffic signs
  • Vending machines           
  • Medical instruments      
  • Industrial machinery      
  • Smart agriculture             
  • Energy and utility infrastructure

Robustel’s embedded router can be powered using 9-36 VDC, with an idle current draw of 100 mA. This increases to 500 mA (peak) during data link – these benchmarks assume the R1511P is running on a 12-V supply. The operating temperature and relative humidity ranges are -25°C to +70°C and 5-95% respectively, supporting a wide variety of deployment conditions. The PCB itself is also pre-certified for many applications to further reduce cost of development.

In addition to a ready-to-go hardware platform, the R1511P comes preloaded with Robustel’s Linux-based RobustOS router operating system, which further reduces development cost. RobustOS enables remote configuration of the device – for example via SMS – and connection to RobustVPN and Robustel’s free cloud management platform (RMCS), which can be rebranded to suit the OEM’s needs; Robustel provides a well-documented SDK for additional development. RobustOS also offers several functions for data over-usage, smart reboot, and automatic failover between connectivity protocols.

Learn more about the R1511P and its evaluation kit by filling out the form below with details of the commercial project in which you wish to test this technology. ipXchange will get you connected – all puns intended.

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