ipX Weekly Roundup 5 – Embedded 4G routers, wirelessly powering the IoT, and Valens in action 

It seems that spring has sprung here at the ipXchange offices, so there’s smiles all ’round as we recap a very IoT-focussed week: 

On Sunday, we released our second official Community ProjeX, this time with one of our most engaged community members, Magnus Emenuga, who we helped get connected with Conexio to support his IoT builds. In this interview, he and Jake discuss monitoring and predictive maintenance of generators in Nigeria, using a retrofitted device that Magnus and his team have developed. 

Monday yielded part two of our in-house video series with David from Robustel about the R1511P embedded 4G/LTE router. The aim of this interview was to highlight the significant development time and cost savings of Robustel’s ready-made solution, especially for infrastructure retrofits as 2G and 3G are retired. 

We’ll pair Tuesday’s and Thursday’s ipXperiences for a complete picture of powering IoT devices over the air – this is some remarkable technology! On Tuesday, Eamon covered the standards and energy harvesting side with Sanjay from AirFuel Alliance and our good friend Nick speaking on behalf of Atmosic. For Thursday, Guy chatted with Cesar about the power transmission itself, expanding on the true safety implications of the technology, with real-world comparisons and examples of great use cases. 

And on Wednesday, we returned to CES 2024 for a practical demonstration of Valens MIPI A-PHY SerDes chips in action. This time it showed how these chips enable 4K video to be transmitted over 40 metres of not-so-great cabling and still come out fine on the other side. Now that’s going above and beyond the standards! 

Check out the full posts by following these links to the ipXchange website: 

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Saving design time and cost with Robustel’s embedded 4G router

How to wirelessly power IoT sensors from 10m away

How to run 4K video over 40 metres of cabling

How to build an IoT with wireless power and data 

We’re expecting another Community ProjeX on Sunday, this time about the best approach to learning new operating systems, so subscribe to our YouTube channel for the earliest notifications. Have a great weekend, and as always… 

Keep designing! 

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