ipX Weekly Roundup 4 – Secure/private AIoT, an embedded 4G router, 4D lidar, and EMC testing

You may be wondering how the *bleep* it is March already. Us too, but what a way to say farewell to February! 

On Monday, ipXchange presented its first video essay, a chance for the team to get very creative in presenting a technical topic of interest to the community, outside of the realms of our normal product news. This time, the focus was the difference between privacy and security in the IoT, and how these words really do mean different things, as illustrated in a rather relatable sci-fi horror intro. Go enjoy it and suggest topics you’d like to see covered! 

On Tuesday, we shared part 1 of 2 from our in-office video series from Robustel about its embedded 4G router solution. Not only does this save design time for cellular IoT instalments or retrofits, it enables smaller production runs access to big-name chipsets that might otherwise be hard to get hold of in reasonable time. The fact that the software and cloud engineering is also done for you is more than simply icing on the cake. 

Wednesday’s interview with Lidwave at CES 2024 will change the way you think about lidar technology. Not only is a complete solution contained on a single chip with light emission and detection, but by using the coherent properties of light rather than the time of flight, Lidwave’s solution provides velocity information on each pixel. For anyone familiar with basic mechanics, the answer is yes: you can predict the future position of objects from a single image frame! 

Our third and final segment with Alif at CES 2024, posted on Thursday, was part of the inspiration for Monday’s piece. The new Vision AppKit enables designers to keep high-performance AI inferencing on chip and only send results, rather than raw data, off of the stamp-sized device. Check out the demo and you’ll see this changes the game for private AIoT. 

And ipXchange’s Friday post was originally an expedited piece to help Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) promote a new EMC webinar series that it is hosting over the next couple of weeks. In reality, Eamon and Jan ended up having a great discussion about EMC and what to think about before bringing your design to an EMC testing facility. It’s a fun chat. 

Check out the full posts by following these links to the ipXchange website: 

Well, hopefully the weather gets better before Embedded World. Have a great weekend, and as always… 

Keep designing! 

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