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How to prepare for EMC testing with MPS 

Did you know that Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) has its own EMC testing lab? In this ipXperience, Eamon chats with Jan about all things EMC (ElectroMagnetic Compatibility) in preparation for a webinar series that MPS will be hosting on Wednesday 6th March and Thursday 14th March. Register your interest in attending here!

That said, this interview still presents an interesting dive into the topic for engineers looking to learn more about this often-understated topic. 

EMC is a big area of concern in circuit design from both an emission and shielding/resilience perspective. Eamon and Jan discuss the EMC issues faced particularly in power supply designs and how EMC testing facilities and EMC-conscious development enables engineers to accelerate time-to-market by thinking about the problem from the start of the design process. 

As Jan explains, MPS’ EMC testing facility is separate from its sales/components side of the business. This means that engineers that do not use MPS devices – as EMC-tested as these devices are – can still make full benefit of MPS’ EMC lab during product development. Eamon and Jan discuss what to think about in preparation for a visit to get the biggest benefit from MPS’ facilities. 

Jan and Eamon also discuss the relationship between EMC simulation and real-world testing and in what situations simulations are most useful for speeding certification and testing. 

Learn more about MPS’ latest devices by following the links below to some of ipXchange’s previous interviews, and if you’d like to get in contact to talk about any of MPS’ products or services, follow the link to the board page below and submit an application request. 

Keep designing! 

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