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MPS boasts highest power density with compact power modules that feature integrated inductors 

In ipXchange’s second interview with Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) at CES 2024, Guy and Adrian discuss MPS’ latest isolated and non-isolated power modules, which feature an integrated inductor and can serve applications running at up to 100 A. 

Since the inductor is integrated within the chip, the power density of the design is immediately increased. Power density is further increased by the simplified board surrounding the power module, without sacrificing the efficiency provided by discrete architectures. 

One such module is the MPM3695-100, which offers a complete power solution for 100 A continuous current output at up to 1.8 V or 60 A continuous current output at up to 3.3 V. These modules can also be paralleled for up to 800 A output to support even larger applications, including telecoms and networking systems, industrial equipment, and datacentres. 

Also included in MPS’ product range are the MID modules, which MPS believes are world leading in power density. The MID3W2424, for example, supports 3 W output power at just 10 x 10 mm, and it still features an integrated transformer. 

With the market driving a move towards more compact, highly integrated end products, MPS’ power modules present a great solution for many engineers looking to shrink power infrastructure within a design. This leaves more space for other functionality and innovation. 

Learn more and apply to evaluate each of these solutions by following the links above. Alternatively, you can apply for a consultation with MPS using the link to the user-defined board form below. 

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