Monolithic Power Systems MPM3695-100 16 V, 100 A DC/DC Power Module With PMBus

Monolithic Power Systems’ (MPS’) MPM3695-100 is a fully integrated power module that offers a complete power solution for up to 100 A output current. Up to eight units can be parallelled for applications requiring 800 A, such as datacentres, with active current balancing across units.

The MPM3695-100 accepts an input voltage of 3.2 V to 16 V with external 3.3-V VCC bias, or 4 V to 16 V with internal VCC bias. The output voltage range is 0.5 V to 3.3 V, with 100 A continuous current output for up to 1.8 V, or 60 A continuous current output for 3.3 V. These parameters, as well as PWM mode, switching frequency, and various protections, are configurable via the PMBus interface.

The key innovation within MPS’ solution is the integration of four interleaved phases in a single BGA package at just 15 x 30 x 5.18 mm. MPS’ proprietary multi-phase constant-on-time control provides dynamic switching frequency adjustment to minimise energy demand for the output capacitors, with ultra-fast transient response. This improves performance of the module and results in simpler ripple compensation network requirements.

The MPM3695-100 has an operating temperature of -40°C to +125°C, and is well suited for telecoms and networking systems, as well as industrial equipment applications. Learn more about this device in this official datasheet.

MPS produces several evaluation boards for the MPM3695-100 to test a single device serving 100 A, or 2 or 4 devices in parallel to support testing at 200 A or 400 A.

Fill out the form below to apply to evaluate MPS’ technology for use in a commercial project. Alternatively, check out MPS’ other power modules here, and suggest your project requirements to be pointed towards the most suitable device.

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