User-Defined Application Form For Monolithic Power Systems Automotive & Industrial Solutions

ipXchange has covered many solutions in its interviews with Monolithic Power Systems (MPS), but not all products described in these videos are named explicitly or readily available at the time of reporting.

This form serves as a gateway to consultation with MPS to solve your automotive and industrial application requirements. You can cite one of ipXchange’s interviews with them with regards a product you have seen, or alternatively set out your project requirements and see where MPS can best support your design.

MPS offers many different power solutions for a wide range of applications. These devices include:

  • PMICs
  • MOSFET drivers
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions
  • Protection ICs
  • LDOs
  • Boost and Buck Converters
  • Isolated devices
  • Controllers
  • Power modules
  • Battery management devices
  • Motor drives
  • LED drivers
  • Load switches
  • Class-D audio solutions
  • AC-DC solutions
  • And more…

Fill out the form below with details of your project, citing one of the articles linked at the bottom of the page if desired, and ipXchange will facilitate consultation and evaluation of MPS’ technology.

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