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The next generation of energy-efficient GaN HEMTs, now with 1/10th the no-load consumption

pXchange continues our PCIM coverage with an update from Cambridge GaN Devices as they introduce their H2 series of gallium nitride products.

As Peter explains, the most significant innovation in Cambridge GaN Devices’ latest HEMTs is that the no-load consumption has been brought down by a factor of 10, now standing at just 80 mW. Additionally, the quiescent current has been reduced to 200 µA, making the H2 series much more efficient and a great fit for battery-powered devices.

The H2 series devices are rated at 650 V and have a range of RDS(on) values from 240 mΩ down to 55 mΩ, with even lower ratings to be released in the future. As with Cambridge GaN Devices’ other ICeGaN products, these components feature the added benefits of a 3 V ‘on’ threshold, compared to 1.6 V for normal GaN, and do not require a negative voltage to maintain ‘off’ operation. They can also be driven like silicon MOSFETs using off-the-shelf gate drivers, significantly simplifying implementation of GaN technology in your project.

As well as several reference designs, Peter also showed us some interesting collaborations that Cambridge GaN Devices have done with their customers, including a PV inverter and a class D audio amplifier, illustrating the versatility of these components across many applications.

Cambridge GaN Devices H2 Series 650 V GaN HEMT Reference Designs

Learn more about the H2 series, and Cambridge GaN Devices’ other reference designs here, where you can apply to evaluate this technology for use in a commercial project:

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