Cambridge GaN Devices H2 Series 650 V GaN HEMT Reference Designs

Cambridge GaN Devices’ second generation of enhancement mode GaN-on-silicon power transistors feature the same benefits of their previous GaN devices (high current delivery, high breakdown voltage, and high switching frequency) with the added benefit of no-load consumptions down to 80 mW, 10% that of the previous generation, and quiescent currents as low as 200 µA. This makes the H2 series particularly useful in battery-powered applications and enables more efficient operation with less susceptibility to noise. Other target applications include:

  • Industrial SMPS and inverters
  • USB PD and fast chargers
  • AC/DC and DC/DC converters
  • Computing/consumer power supplies
  • LED lighting
  • Class D audio amplifiers
  • TV and wireless power

There are several devices in the H2 series, currently with a range of RDS(on) values from 240 mΩ down to 55 mΩ. All feature Cambridge GaN Devices’ ICeGaN gate technology that allows these components to be operated in much the same way as silicon MOSFETs, without the need for specialist gate drivers and driving circuitry; off-the-shelf gate drivers up to 20-22 V should work well. This allows for a low-profile, low-inductance eMode GaN transistor package when compared to alternative technologies from many other manufacturers.

These devices also feature:

  • A built-in miller clamp and a threshold voltage of around 3 V: This means that a negative gate voltage is not required to keep the device in the ‘off’ mode.
  • An integrated current sense function: This reduces efficiency losses as there is no need for a separate current sense resistor in series with the source.
  • Enhanced, simplified thermal design: The device can be directly soldered to the PCB ground plane.

The CGD65B240SH2 device is the 240 mΩ RDS(on) model in the H2 family, and this device, as an example, comes in a DFN 5 x 6 mm SMD package. More information on all H2 series devices can be found in this product brief.

Cambridge GaN Devices produces a 65 W quasi-resonant flyback reference design using the CGD65B240SH2. This board features 20 V output, 150 kHz DC-DC frequency, and a small footprint of 67 x 34.2 x 25 mm. Numerous other reference designs – and evaluation board versions of some designs – are available in topologies including:

  • Other flyback topologies
  • Totem pole and single-switch PFC
  • LLC and PSFB DC/DC converters at high frequency
  • Audio class D and radio class E amplifiers.

If you are interested in using the H2 series GaN devices in a commercial project, fill out the form below, and ipXchange will put you in touch with Cambridge GaN Devices in order to discuss your project and what reference designs or evaluation boards will help you in your product development.

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