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Up to 1000 nodes per gateway and not a battery in sight: Everactive’s IoT solution summarised

With our trusted video editor Jake soaking up the Sun for the next couple of weeks, ipXchange is proud to present you with some text- and image-based content, and what better way to start Monday than with a device that also loves to soak up the Sun!

We’ve promoted this a few times now, but there’s still something rather impressive about Everactive’s batteryless IoT evaluation kit, which comes with two of the sensor pucks shown on our ePoster, as well as a gateway for their sub-GHz protocol, which has impressive building penetrability for smart building and smart city applications.

Whatever you may think, data is key in this modern world, and sensor pucks like those created by Everactive allow users to gather vast amounts of data that can later be processed and acted upon for increased energy efficiency, healthier living environments, and better understanding of long-term environmental changes. These might just be the topics of our time.

At the end of the day, however, it is Everactive’s energy harvesting expertise that is key to these devices working. As the IoT grows, batteries will almost inevitably be its downfall as the workforce required to maintain the IoT – by changing batteries – becomes unviable. While practical demonstrations of these sorts of energy harvesting devices is the key to seeing their potential, we at ipXchange feel that partnering with Everactive to create your own IoT product is surely the end goal.

We all want to change the World, so why not do it together?

Learn more about Everactive’s batteryless IoT kit on our board form, where you can also apply for a sample to test the technology for use in a commercial application.

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Everactive Environmental + Batteryless IoT Evaluation Kit

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