Everactive Environmental + Batteryless IoT Evaluation Kit

Everactive’s always-on Eversensors are powered exclusively from low levels of micro-renewable energy harvested from the surrounding environment, whether that be through dim indoor light, outdoor light, or small temperature differentials. These energy sources, as well as temperature, humidity, triaxial acceleration, pressure, and magnetic field provide the basis for a sensing dataset that enables hyperscale IoT users access to the insights they need to make an impact.

To support this, Everactive invented a wireless protocol optimised for hyperscale IoT networks, enabling the deployment of large-scale wireless networks with minimal infrastructure, a range of hundreds of meters, up to 1000 nodes per gateway, and building penetrability using a sub-GHz protocol. Everactive’s managed network solution provides OTA updates to all hardware infrastructure, backhaul connectivity, uptime and data reliability, data visualisation with alerts, edge-to-cloud security, and more for a complete IoT communications solution.

Everactive’s development kit comes with a USB Evergateway and two Eversensors, each with a comprehensive sensor suite that simultaneously measures temperature, humidity, pressure, and triaxial acceleration. These devices can measure and wirelessly transmit data every 15 seconds to Everactive’s managed, purpose-built network. This kit allows product developers to better understand and experiment with Everactive’s energy harvesting technology for designing sustainable, hyperscale IoT devices. Each kit has unlimited user accounts.

You can learn more about this evaluation kit the the following datasheet.

(All images sourced from Everactive)

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