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Your mobile network your way: Stacuity’s flexible, programmable mobile network for cellular IoT

In our next interview from Hardware Pioneers Max 2023, ipXchange talks with Tim from Stacuity about their programmable mobile core network, which allows developers to have the full power of a mobile network by giving them extensive control over networking parameters. 

“But what can I do with a programmable mobile network?” we hear you asking. Well, as Tim explains, the mobile industry has been fantastic for standardising communication between devices, but this has come at the cost of grossly simplifying what mobile connectivity is actually capable of, at least from the consumer’s perspective. 

If you could control and understand the traffic in your network, you would be able to do a lot more than simply connect devices, such as decide which devices are able to connect to certain IP addresses and which networks your devices would connect to, rather than being tethered to the networks that are allowed by your contract with a conventional network provider. 

With support for projects as small as one SIM, Stacuity democratises mobile networks so that developers are free to innovate and build IoT solutions that use mobile/cellular connectivity to its full potential, with no long lead times or minimum commitments. For engineers who want more control over their network, Stacuity enables their customers to self-serve their own capabilities, meaning that developers can create private networks per SIM, for example, at much smaller scales than what would be possible with a traditional SIM vendor, with full real-time control over connectivity on a per-SIM basis. 

Stacuity’s solution provides the flexibility for what you want to do with your network, rather than what you have been allowed to do within your standard network contract. The technology has always been able to do most of the things that Stacuity offers, but developers have not had the opportunity to play with this functionality…until now. 

Keep designing! 

Stacuity Programmable IoT Core Network And SIM Cards

Learn more about this disruptive solution below, where you can also apply to evaluate the technology for use in a commercial project:

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