Stacuity Programmable IoT Core Network And SIM Cards

Stacuity’s programmable mobile core network offers a democratised cellular connectivity solution that allows developers far greater control over their mobile connectivity than conventional network providers. By providing self-service capabilities with regards managing and controlling the mobile network infrastructure for their IoT projects, Stacuity enables developers to build better, differentiated IoT solutions tailored to the needs of their devices and customers.

Stacuity’s cost-effective network solution offers the following benefits:

  • Real-time control over connectivity on a per-SIM basis
  • Unparalleled flexibility with no need for prior telecoms experience
  • Scalable from a single-SIM package, with multi-tenant, hierarchical architecture
  • Fully compliant with network standards
  • Reliable solution with a fully redundant, secure cloud-centric service
  • Simple portal integration via a full-featured API
  • Global network coverage in over 100 countries on more than 500 mobile networks
  • Seamless integration for multiple IMSIs (International Mobile Subscriber Identities)
  • Simple-pricing pay-as-you-grow commercial model, with minimal set-up costs

Stacuity’s network solution makes it easy for IoT developers to set up software-defined, private networks for IoT, with the flexibility to manage device VPNs at the network level, and the traffic filtering/routing down to the level of individual IMSIs, including how SIMs connect and which SIMs can access certain IP addresses.

Stacuity offers their services via 4FF plastic SIM cards, which can be purchased on a singular basis for £8 per SIM (ex-VAT). This package includes £5 airtime credit with data pricing from £0.01/MB in the UK, USA, and EU; the SIM can be configured and controlled via Stacuity’s portal and API. Monthly charges for Stacuity’s service is £0 if the SIM remains inactive within the course of a month. When in use, the monthly standard rate is £1.00 per SIM (ex-VAT) for 1-100 SIMs, or £0.80 per SIM (ex-VAT) for 101-1000 SIMs.

For those interested in Stacuity’s flexible mobile networking solution, fill in the form below with details of your commercial project, and ipXchange will put you in touch for further information on services and price breakpoints for larger numbers of SIMs.

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