ASYGN: AS321X-T Passive RAIN RFID Internal Sensor Evaluation Tags

ASYGN’s AS321X-T tags are the World’s first RAIN-RFID-fully-compliant, battery-less internal sensor tags. RAIN RFID enables ASYGN’s sensors to be embedded into structures without requiring batteries or maintenance; a sensor can be left cemented into the body of a building, for example. These devices are specified with a retention of at least 10 years, readability at up to 6 metres, and an operating temperature ranging from -40°C to +120°C.

The easy-to-integrate, fully-passive chips can measure sensor data and additionally transmit this data. The device features state-of-the-art, advanced sensitivity performance, including sensor biasing and readout. A probe signal is sufficient to power the device for sensor readout and data transmission, and an SPI Digital Interface is present for configuration and machine-connection. Sensing tag options include:

-> Contact
-> Humidity
-> Temperature
-> Ext. Cap
-> Humidity
-> Analog
-> Magnetic
-> Light
-> Motion
-> Strain
-> Pressure

ASYGN are a unique chip provider, with their own product portfolio for analog sensor interface and battery-less wireless sensors, partnering with tag-makers to address a wide scope of use cases from Predictive Maintenance, Industry, Logistics, Pharma and many other applications.

(All images sourced from ASYGN)

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