Crypto Quantique QuarkLink Universal IoT Security Platform + M5Stack AWS IoT Dev Kit

Crypto Quantique’s QuarkLink is a software-based IoT security platform that works with any root-of-trust to provide easy-to-implement, scalable end-to-end security in any embedded device that requires access to server-hosted apps and cloud services. This is done using advanced cryptographic techniques in conjunction with a device’s own security features for more robust protection against attacks.

In addition to QuarkLink software, Crypto Quantique’s Quantum-Driven Identity (QDID) Physically Unclonable Functions (PUFs) are an extremely strong hardware root-of-trust for IoT devices, and these can be used to provide a unique device identity and cryptographic keys. QDID is based on physical measurements of each chip’s unique silicon structure at the point of fabrication. The unique atomic variability of silicon and quantum tunnelling characteristics provide a next-level basis for security without the requirement for trust-dependent third-party key injection or external secure storage. This reduces cost, risk of errors, and vastly improves the scalability of security in your IoT project.  

Unlike many IoT security solutions, QuarkLink provides cover for all device deployment stages and project sizes with simple provisioning, fast onboarding, and intuitive monitoring, available to users via a single software platform that supports thousands of devices, without the requirement for specialist cryptography expertise. Since QuarkLink firmware is injected at the programming stage, the risk of third parties and external hardware security modules is eliminated; this also lowers the cost of security implementation. QuarkLink connects with all major IoT services (AWS, Azure, Mosquito, etc.) and can also work with private clouds or services.

To evaluate this technology, Crypto Quantique has partnered with AWS to produce the QuarkLink TrialPack, which combines an ESP32-based hardware module with a 30-day trial of QuarkLink so that users can test the onboarding and management of virtual IoT devices using Crypto Quantique’s solution. The hardware module is the M5Stack AWS IoT Dev Kit, which features a 2-inch capacitive touchscreen for HMI functionality. By using this kit, engineers interested in larger-scale QuarkLink deployments should experience the ease-of-use and (mostly) automated security features that make QuarkLink a robust security solution for IoT devices. They can even test signing functionality for secure firmware downloads and over-the-air updates, and Crypto Quantique provides documentation and round-the-clock support to ensure you get the most from your evaluation.

If you have a commercial project in mind, or simply want to learn more about QuarkLink and QDIDs, fill in the form below, and ipXchange will do our best to get you connected with Crypto Quantique for consultation and evaluation.

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