dSPACE Simulation/Testing Packages For EV On-Board Charger Control

The form below can be used to apply to evaluate dSPACE’s simulated power-circuitry environment for use in a commercial project. Please note that this is an expedited writeup that does not reflect the standard content for an ipXchange board page.

With the upcoming changes to our website, visitors will have the ability to backlink from these board pages to the associated articles and interviews pertaining to the disruptive technology discussed.

In order to move onto the latest show coverage past PCIM Europe and Sensor+Test 2023, we have chosen to omit the full coverage of this technology so that we can better serve the interests of the ipXchange community as it stands at the time of writing.

dSPACE’s solution can be used to test the control software in high-power voltage converter circuits before deploying these control cards in a hardware testing environment. Though our interview from PCIM shows its use for electric vehicle (EV) on-board charger development, it is also suitable for use in industrial applications and more. dSPACE facilitates evaluation for select partners with projects deemed suitable for this high-involvement testing solution.

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