e-peas AEM10330 Solar Energy Harvesting IC Evaluation Kit

e-peas’ AEM10330 is a versatile, regulated single-output, buck-boost ambient energy manager for up to 7-cell solar panels. This highly integrated energy management circuit offers efficient extraction of DC power from an ambient solar energy source to simultaneously supply an end device and manage energy delivery to a storage element. Only four external components are required to get started with this device: one 10 μH inductor, one 10 μF capacitor, one 15 μF capacitor, and one capacitor that is at least 40 μF.

The AEM10330 enables extended battery lifetime with the ultimate goal of eliminating the primary energy storage element in applications such as asset tracking, retail electronic shelf labels, smart sensors, and aftermarket automotive systems.

e-peas’ device exhibits ultra-low-power start-up with cold start from 275 mV input voltage and 3 μW input power. Also included is open-circuit voltage sensing for Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) with MPPT voltage operation from 100 mV to 4.5 V and a programmable MPPT sensing period. The AEM10330 switches automatically between boost, buck-boost, and buck operation to maximize energy transfer from its input to the output, and it automatically selects between the source and storage element to ensure optimal power delivery to your end device.

e-peas IC can supply selectable load voltages from 1.2 V to 3.3 V with a current drive capability of 30 mA in low power mode and 60 mA in high power mode. Battery protection features include selectable over-charge and over-discharge protection for any type of rechargeable battery or (super)capacitor, with fast super-capacitor charging. More information on this device can be found in this datasheet.

e-peas produces an evaluation board that includes the AEM10330, its four passive components, and jumpers for easy connection to the energy harvester, storage element, and load when testing the device during product development. Also provided is configuration access to set the device in any one of the modes described in the datasheet. More information on the available connections can be found in this EVK quick start guide.

If you would like to test the AEM10330 Solar Energy Harvesting IC for your commercial design, apply for an evaluation board below, and ipXchange will facilitate your discussion with e-peas.

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