e-peas EDMS105N MCU

e-peas’ EDMS105N is an extremely low-power, general-purpose microcontroller based on the ARM Cortex-M0 32-bit architecture, with a maximum operating frequency of 24 MHz. This device is supported by 256 kB of non-volatile single-cycle flash memory with an instruction cache, 32 kB of SRAM memory, and up to 48 GPIOs. The EDMS105N is designed to enable sensing edge devices to become true install-and-forget systems.

The EDMS105N is supplied by 1.8-3.3 V and has an active current of 18 µA/MHz with a DeepSleep current of 340 nA. RTC and 8 kB SRAM retention is available in DeepSleep mode, and there is a 1 MHz low power mode for instantaneous power reduction. These easy-to-use operating modes facilitate the longest deployments that still require processing capabilities in smart sensor, industrial monitoring, smart home, asset tracking, smart building, and e-health/medical applications.

Additional features include:

  • Highly efficient built-in inductive buck converters
  • LDOs for reduced B-O-M or improved supply stability
  • 1x rail-to-rail analogue comparator with VDD scaler
  • 1x 12-bit ADC with 8 channels, up to 500 kS/s, 8-data FIFO, and accumulation and averaging
  • 8-channel DMA controller for coreless memory transfers
  • Single Wire Debug interface

The EDMS105N is available in a QFN48 6 x 6 mm package and features additional peripherals for communication, timing, security purposes, and more. The full product brief is available on request through communication with e-peas. e-peas can facilitate evaluation for select customers, and details of a commercial development board for this device should be available soon. The board allows the user to make all necessary power consumption measurements for the device, as well as providing access to GPIOs and other interfaces. If you have a commercial use for this low-power MCU, apply for an evaluation system by filling out the form below.

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