Embeetle IDE For Microcontroller Programming (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Embeetle’s IDE provides an easy-to-use environment for embedded programming when using MCUs and probes from a growing number of manufacturers. Learning to use a new MCU and its dedicated development environment can be a frustrating and time-consuming task, so Embeetle created an IDE that streamlines this process by automatically finding you the plug-ins, drivers, settings, etc. to run an unfamiliar MCU.

By removing these obstacles and flattening the learning curve when adopting a new device, Embeetle’s IDE can be used to significantly reduce development time and allow you to evaluate a microcontroller in hours, rather than weeks.

As with standard IDEs, Embeetle’s solution contains sample projects, with automatic download of make programs, compilers, flash tools, OpenOCD, etc. when you select your desired microcontroller from their list of supported devices. The tools within Embeetle IDE are based on opensource software, and Embeetle IDE is free to use, including in commercial applications.

The user interface is intuitive and can be customised to your liking to reflect your usual workflow in other IDEs. Embeetle also firmly believes that users should not be locked-in after starting a project, so they provide support and tools so that users can migrate away from Embeetle IDE to the dedicated manufacturer IDE once they have understood the basics of the device.

A live programming demo using Embeetle IDE can be found below if you want to get a feel for this innovative software environment.

Head to the Embeetle IDE website to learn more, download the software, and get started using it with a supported MCU. At present, Embeetle IDE supports select MCU devices from Arduino, Atmosic, GigaDevice, Maxim, Nordic, Nuvoton, NXP, and STMicro, as well as a number of probes. Supported devices that are available through ipXchange are included on the Embeetle manufacturer tab, and they are also marked at the top of their board page.

The application form shown below can be used for design engineers to suggest devices they wish to be supported, and we will pass this request onto Embeetle after gathering a larger amount of requests. Alternatively, if you are a manufacturer or vendor of an embedded device, you can use the form to register your interest in partnering with Embeetle so that your device is supported by their software.

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