Embit EMB-LR1280S 2.4 GHz LoRa module

Embit’s EMB-LR1280S is an ultra-low-power 2.4-GHz LoRa module based on STMicroelectronics’ STM32L073 Cortex-M0+ MCU and Semtech’s SX1280 radio transceiver. Supported by 20 kB RAM, 192 kB flash memory, and an onboard cryptographic unit, this 15.5 x 20 x 2.3-mm, castellated module provides engineers with a compact solution for secure LoRaWAN connectivity in IoT devices for the global marketplace, thanks to the Worldwide connectivity offered by the 2.4 GHz band, which has no duty cycle limitation for enhanced transmission rate with respect to sub-GHz solutions. The module can operate as either the main heart of an embedded system, or simply a modem for wireless communications, with options featuring a chip antenna or a u.fl connector for an external antenna.

The -40°C to +85°C operating temperature also enables the EMB-LR1280S’ use in industrial IoT deployments, in addition to smart home, building automation, smart agriculture, and other applications requiring robust, long-range communications at up to 10 km outdoors with line of sight between devices. This range is enhanced thanks to Semtech’s proprietary spread spectrum modulation technique. The EMB-LR1280S is embedded with standard LoRa 2.4 GHz stacks and Embit’s proprietary LoRaEMB protocol for point-to-point and “star” network topologies; the latter is similar to a mesh network.

The low power modes of the EMB-LR1280S, including a mode with sleep current at <1 µA, enable long battery life from a supply voltage from 1.8 V to 3.6 V. Example current draws for LoRa transmission and receiving are 34 mA (at +12 dBm (max.)) and 9.5 mA respectively. The Rx sensitivity and data rates are as follows:

  • Rx Sensitivity: up to -132 dBm (595 bps)
  • Rx sensitivity at SF12 SB 203 kHz: -130 dBm (476 bps)
  • Data rate for LoRa: 0.595-253.9 kbps
  • Data rate for GFSK: up to 2.3 Mbps

In addition to standard communication interfaces, the EMB-LR1280S offers LPUART and USB interfaces, 15x digital I/Os, and 3x analogue inputs for engineers to build a system using Embit’s module. For more information, learn more about the EMB-LR1280S from this official brochure.

Embit makes development with their devices easy with Embit SDK and their evaluation kits, which contain all the documentation and tools to get you started using any of their modules. If 2.4 GHz is not the right fit for your application, Embit offers many other options to support other regional LoRa frequencies, so if you’ve got a commercial project where Embit might be the right fit, fill out the form below, and ipXchange will facilitate evaluation of this technology.

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