Prophesee Evaluation Kit 3 GenX320

Prophesee’s Evaluation Kit 3 GenX320 is a flexible USB-based vision system that enables developers to experiment with neuromorphic event-based vision

The Metavision® EVK3 GenX320 is a full-featured platform for evaluating the GenX320 neuromorphic image sensor, which is based on the event-based vision method for image capture. It has a header for M12 S-Mount lenses, and is compatible with the Metavision Intelligence Software Suite supplied by Prophesee.

This evaluation kit features the revolutionary GenX320 sensor, and USB 3.0 Micro-B and SMA connectors. The GenX320, a 320px x 320px pixel event-based Metavision sensor, is ideal for embedded vision and power-sensitive applications. The sensor supports event data pre-processing and formatting, data interface compatibility and low-latency connectivity to different processing platforms including the latest low-power, neuromorphic processors.

The sensor has been optimized for very low-power operation, and features various application-specific power modes. The GenX320 contains an integrated Event Signal Processing (ESP) pipeline which includes time-stamping, filtering, throughput regulation and data formatting functions.

An Event Rate Controller (ERC) allows the user to cap the output event rate to a programmable limit. A Spatio-Temporal Contrast filter (STC) detects and removes redundant bursts and trails of events triggered by high contrast features in the scene. An Anti-Flicker (AFK) filter detects and filters events generated by flickering lights. The stop-band frequency can be set in the range of 50-500Hz with arbitrary spans.

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