Haechitech MXH2101 Digital Temperature And Humidity Sensor and EVK1000 Evaluation Board

Haechitech’s MXH2101 digital-output temperature-and-relative-humidity sensor features an operating temperature of -40˚C to 125˚C (±0.5°C) and a measurement range of 0-100% RH (±3%). The device comes in a compact 2.8 x 3.6 x 0.8 mm, 10-pin DFN package (with cavity), and features selectable I2C, PWM (120 Hz), or PDM outputs with programmable response time and an adjustable output offset.

The MXH2101 is supplied by 2.1-3.6 V and exhibits a low average current consumption of 68 µA in 8-bit operation mode and 0.13 µA in sleep mode. Excellent long-term stability with robust operation against external noise ensure lasting accuracy in products with long-term outdoor deployments, and up to 2 Hz measurement frequency ensures fast response times in applications that require regular environmental updates.

Haechitech’s EVK1000 evaluation board allows a user to easily access data from one of their MXH2101 testing boards and most of their other sensor products. It also allows the use of several different sensor combinations for simultaneous measurement, should you decide that Haechitech sensing infrastructure serves all aspects of your application.

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