KINEXON xBall & Industrial UWB Sensing

KINEXON’s xBall is an ultra-light, 14 g, UWB and IMU sensor integrated directly into smart sports balls and charged for 2 hours prior to use.

The sensing technology of xBall is used in conjunction with a radio-based Local Positioning System to detect ball movement in 3D, with an accuracy up to 10 cm and a delay of less than 20 ms.

KINEXON’s sensors are also available industrially in the form of tailored products, for example, location intelligence in manufacturing factories, where accurate, real-time stock-checking is needed for order processing.

In terms of testing the technology, KINEXON’s sensing solutions are considered finished products, so if you’re looking to evaluate an alternative for your design, consider Novelda’s X4. That said, KINEXON offers consultancy at various levels from hardware installation to full-stack support, both industrially and for sports applications.

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(Image obtained via KINEXON)

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