Lidwave Fully Integrated 4D Lidar Solution With Pixel-Level Velocity Sensing

Lidwave’s unique take on lidar sensing utilises a low-power, continuous light source and detector in a single, maintenance-free package with inherent immunity to vibrations and environmental changes. This also results in a scalable solution that is far easier to produce than lidar setups built from separate light sources and detectors.

Unlike traditional pulsed-light Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors, Lidwave’s solution measures the coherence properties of the received light – using Lidar’s Finite Coherent Ranging (FCR) technology – which results in depth and doppler information for instantaneous position and velocity data at each lidar pixel within the scene.

This enables immediate prediction of the position of pixels in the next few seconds – using minimal computing power through basic equations of motion – for faster-response, improved safety in automotive, industrial, and robotics applications. The use of optical coherence measurements also makes the sensor immune to glare, interference, and weather conditions.

Lidwave’s evaluation platform enables testing of this technology for immediate high-resolution 3D imaging with instantaneous velocity per pixel and the reflectivity of the surrounding scene. It features a 45⁰ x 45⁰ field of view with 0.01⁰ x 0.01⁰ maximum angular resolution, >300 m detection range, 0.1 km/h velocity resolution per pixel, and a frame rate of 0.5 to 30 fps.

Lidwave is accepting early-adoption enquiries for evaluation of this technology for industrial applications, so fill out the form below if you think you have an interesting commercial project where Lidwave’s solution would be a great fit. ipXchange will get you connected.

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