Neonode MultiSensing Technology For Machine Perception

Neonode’s MultiSensing technology is a hardware-agnostic software platform that enables high-performance machine perception using a minimal sensor/camera setup for 3D eye tracking, full-body gesture recognition, facial recognition, object recognition, attentiveness and drowsiness perception, defect detection, and more, even when the user’s choice of sensor is detecting a 2D image.

Trained using an ultra-wide synthetic dataset that enables machine learning beyond the limits of annotated real-world data, the neural networks of MultiSensing can easily and efficiently understand many contexts and situations for advanced machine perception workloads. Such contexts include:

  • In-cabin automotive
  • Retail
  • AR/VR and gaming
  • Production lines and conveyor belts

Neonode’s solution provides a scalable, quick-to-deploy software solution with your choice of core operating system – Windows, Linux, QNX, and Android – and many different cameras and imaging techniques. It is currently trained to accept RGB and IR camera input, and radar and Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor input, with pinhole, wide-angle, or fisheye imaging types. Though the pre-trained software library is vast, MultiSensing can be fine-tuned with further training to suit your specific application requirements. This can be done by using your own CAD designs for objects that you wish to detect.

MultiSensing is a particularly useful solution for automotive driver and in-cabin safety monitoring in line with new European standards. On top of providing this functionality using commodity cameras for minimised additional cost, MultiSensing can also be used for advanced HMI functionality by building additional detection workloads on top of the base safety system. This enables engineers to remove touch sensors from the steering wheel, for example, and switch to a more cost-effective, easy-to-maintain solution that uses machine vision.

Neonode provides the software libraries, toolkit, and cloud platforms to support the development of machine perception workloads using its software platform and tune MultiSensing to meet the requirements of your application.

If you are interested in learning more about MultiSensing, fill out the form below and ipXchange will get you connected with Neonode for consultation and evaluation.

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