Pre-Switch 100 kHz 250 kW CleanWave EV Inverter Evaluation Platform

Pre-Switch’s CleanWave technology maximises EV range by using AI-driven soft switching to eliminate switching losses and provide 10x higher switching frequencies for dramatically increased drivetrain and motor efficiency. This innovation also results in smaller, lighter inverters with >210 kW/L power density, very low conducted and radiated EMI, and reduced cost when compared to standard inverter solutions. The CleanWave inverters are available in 100-, 150-, 200-, 250-, 300-, 350-, and 400-kW power ratings.

The heart of CleanWave is Pre-Switch’s Pre-Flex AI SoC, whose algorithms ensure the best soft-switching performance across all operating conditions while also including embedded diagnostics for predictive maintenance and permanent magnet motor control functionality. This intelligent adaptation of the soft switching results in a flat efficiency curve that is 98.5% efficient at 5% load, with a peak efficiency of 99.57%. These are both taken at 100 kHz switching frequency, which has the advantages of producing a clean sine-wave output that increases motor efficiency and operates outside the human audible range.

Pre-Switch produces a 250 kW, 234 x 159 x 33 mm evaluation system for CleanWave, which enables engineers to quickly evaluate the improvement in motor efficiency at 100 kHz without adapting their existing motor control infrastructure. This inverter is bidirectional – DC/AC or AC/DC – and uses two discrete United SiC 1200 V, 9 mΩ SiC FETs per switch position. The VBUS ranges from 400-900 VDC and the design is capable of 250 A continuous operation and peak currents of up to 390 A.

This design also includes integrated Field-Oriented Control, a CAN bus interface, a dedicated CPU for a customer’s own proprietary motor control, and built-in safety and self-diagnostic features for increased reliability. The baseplate operating temperature range is 0-80°C, and there are three heatsink options available: flat baseplate, fin array baseplate, or integrated cold plate.

For more information on the CleanWave 100 kHz 250 kW Inverter, please consult this datasheet.

At present, Pre-Switch is only able to entertain enquiries worth 500k units per annum and above, but they are willing to discuss the technology for lower volumes if high power levels are required. If you’re working with EVs or similar technology, fill in the form below, and ipXchange will put you in touch.

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