Pulsiv AC to DC Front-End Evaluation Boards For OSMIUM Power Supply MCUs

Pulsiv’s OSMIUM microcontrollers are a truly disruptive gamechanger for ensuring the most efficient operation in your consumer, LED lighting, or battery charger power supply design. Power supplies are designed to work most efficiently at their specified rating, but in our modern world, many power supplies spend most of their time operating in low-power situations such as maintaining a battery that is already fully charged. This operation is highly inefficient as the power supplies are not working in the scenario for which their front end is optimised.

Pulsiv’s OSMIUM MCUs solve this problem with advanced control of the power supply front end to reduce system losses and maximise efficiency. These devices are capable of serving 1-250 W power supply requirements for a universal input voltage (85-265 VAC) with a near-flat efficiency profile over the full load range – 99.5% peak front-end efficiency, 97.5% average front-end efficiency, and 90% efficiency during low-power operation (2W).

By optimising the front end of your power supply design, Pulsiv’s solution allows engineers to replace expensive conventional LLC designs – which suffer great efficiency losses when under 30% full load – with flyback topologies that cost less, weigh less, are more compact, and maintain efficiency during low-power operation. By also regulating the flow of mains to the charging capacitor, Pulsiv has become the first company to eliminate inrush current spikes, meaning that inrush limiting methods are no longer required, further reducing component count and the size of the final design.

Pulsiv’s OSMIUM MCUs monitor the real-time condition of the grid, manage power factor correction (PFC) without an inductor, and regulate a high-voltage DC output to support a wide range of compatible DC-DC converters. Other features include active bridge control, x-cap discharge for when the grid supply fails, grid failure detection for applications requiring controlled shutdown, selectable maximum HVDC output in order to optimise capacitor selection for cost and performance, AUX output control via secondary PWM, hold-up functionality, and more.

Pulsiv have produced an evaluation platform that simplifies front-end design for creating ultra-compact, lightweight power supplies up to and beyond 250 W. These 70 x 70 x 30 mm boards can be configured for specific design requirements and interface with any compatible DC/DC converter, though they are recommended for evaluation with flyback topologies. The device meets EMC Class B standards, and an optional active bridge is available to further improve efficiency. More information on this design can be found in this datasheet.

Pulsiv are particularly focussed on targeting the USB-C power supply market due to the wide opportunities available, but if you have any commercial projects and want to put Pulsiv’s technology to the test, fill out the form below, and ipXchange will put you in touch.

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