Silicon Radar SiRad Easy® r4 StarterKit for 24, 120, & 300 GHz Radar

Silicon Radar’s sophisticated SiGe (Silicon-Germanium-Technology) radar front ends outperform conventional technology in a wide range of applications like precision measurement, material analysis, object control, object detection, medical monitoring, and automotive technology.

The SiRad Easy® r4 is a radar evaluation system that offers flexibility through swappable radar front ends for 24, 120, and 300 GHz, providing an advanced and comprehensive board which boasts a large range of functions beyond a typical test kit*.

The Starter Kit offers a solid foundation to research and exploration with advanced radar systems and is easily expandable with additional components to test other Silicon Radar chips, if and when required.


– GUI for PC to display data
– On-the-fly setup of parameters
– Adjustable FMCW parameters
– Micro USB interface, serial port and trigger lines on header bar
– More ports / GPIO lines on optional breakout board
– Embedded radar signal processing
– Live raw ADC data, FFT data, Mag / Phase and Target List output
– Target recognition
– Compact size (40 x 40 mm²)

The Evaluation Kit includes:

– Reflector to narrow beam and extend range
– Default radar front end board with TRA_120_002 @ 120 Ghz
– Base board with microcontroller
– USB cable
– Download link for embedded software and documentation

Information on the different options for the SiRad Easy r4 StarterKit can be found in this product sheet.

(Image and information via Silicon Radar’s website)

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