Skeleton SuperBattery Sample

Skeleton’s SuperBattery offers 30 minutes of operation from 60 seconds of charging and fills the technology gap in the energy storage market between the <1- to 60-second application time for supercapacitors and the >15-minute application time of typical Li-ion batteries, with a much longer lifetime of 50,000 charge cycles. The SuperBattery delivers peak power within seconds while excelling in up-to-30-minute applications.

Based on Skeleton’s patented Curved Graphene material, this new product is an innovative technology combining the characteristics of supercapacitors and batteries for the very best of both worlds: High power density, long cycle life, fast charge rate, and high inherent safety. With no thermal runaways and no need for thermal propagation measures, SuperBatteries are safe, even when pierced, crushed, or overheated. Unlike Li-ion batteries, the SuperBattery offers high recyclability and sustainability, since they don’t use cobalt, nickel, graphite, or copper.

The SuperBattery offers a maximum voltage of 3 V (nominal 2.25 V), 23 Ah capacity, 2 kA typical short-circuit current, and a stored energy of 51.8 Wh. It can deliver a 10-second max. power of 4 kW or 1-second max. power of 8 kW. These first SuperBattery cells come in the supercapacitor industry standard D60 large cell form factor with a mass of 800 g, diameter of 60.2 mm, and length of 138.0 mm, excluding the terminals. With an operating temperature from -30°C to +50°C, these devices are able to serve the needs of many sectors.

(All images sourced from Skeleton)

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