SuperLight Photonics SLP-100 Portable Wideband Laser (450-1500 nm)

SuperLight Photonics’ SLP-1000 is the World’s first portable wideband laser, with a low average power consumption of 12 W (max. 60 W), provisions for battery operation, and a form factor of just 175 x 96 x 52 mm, weighing 900 g.

Using a seed laser from Menlo Systems, the SLP-1000 features a Patterned Alternating Dispersion (PAD) mechanism to output a high-quality, smoothly continuous spectrum of coherent laser light from >400 nm to >2000 nm. The stable operating range is 450 nm at -3 dB to 1500 nm at -20 dB with a repetition rate of 100 MHz and a pulse duration of <20 fs. This repetition rate is set by the seed laser, and the laser power output is 25% of the seed input power; the SLP-1000 accepts a maximum seed input of 1 W.

This instantaneous wideband coherent light source enables single-shot light-based measurements that are much faster and more reliable than tuning or scanning laser technology. This enables a new level of precision and functionality in many applications, including:

  • Spectroscopy
  • Bio-medical imaging
  • Precision farming
  • Material/surface inspection
  • Environmental sensing
  • Aerial surveillance
  • Quality control
  • Industrial metrology

For seamless integration with standard optical and photonics equipment, the SLP-1000 uses a Thorlabs-compatible screw thread (SM05).

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