TE Connectivity Laser Direct Structuring Custom 3D Antennas

TE Connectivity’s Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) antennas are a proven technology for the most challenging internal antenna integrations in compact end products such as wearables, laptops, and mobile phones. Each solution is customised to the needs of a particular project to ensure the best RF performance – whether that be in terms of efficiency, gain, or bandwidth – across all required frequency bands.

The 3D nature of LDS antennas enables superior performance to off-the-shelf 2D alternatives and encourages creativity in end device form factors where an external antenna would spoil the appearance. This technology is particularly useful for integrating antennas in unused space within an end device. This means that they can serve to add mechanical functionality and robustness to your product, as well as the required electrical functionality.

Due to the highly custom nature of LDS antennas, ipXchange recommends entering consultation with TE Connectivity at the very start of your design journey. This ensures the best wireless integration with other aspects of your design. The form below can be used to submit a project proposal that ipXchange will vet before forwarding it to TE Connectivity in order to start consultation. If an on-shelf product is suitable for your design, TE connectivity may suggest this as an alternative to performing full a product design collaboration. Either eventuality improves time to market and can be optimised for cost considerations.

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