Ubiik Weightless™ End Device Module evaluation board

Weightless™ is a proven, high-performance LPWAN connectivity technology for the Internet of Things (IoT) and offers bidirectional communication, long range, secure and reliable communications, scalability, robust coding, ultra-low power consumption, and open standard usability, ensuring interoperability between manufacturers.

To test their Weightless™ End Device Module, Ubiik offers an evaluation board (65 mm by 55 mm) which allows users to quickly program settings over USB, add sensors, and create product prototypes. It can be powered over USB or using batteries. The transmit power of this module is adjustable up to 13 dBm, and there is an optional PA version with output power up to 26 dBm.

If you would prefer to evaluate this technology with the full Ubiik starter kit, please specify this in your application. The starter kit includes their Weightless™ Indoor Base Station (at 868 MHz or 915 MHz) with antenna and AC adaptor, 2 evaluation boards, 2 EVB antennae, 2 Micro USB cables, and a 60-day free-access trial of Ubiik Cloud.

(All images sourced from Ubiik)

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