Useful Sensors AI-In-A-Box Module For Natural Language Interaction (Without Internet)

Useful Sensors’ low-cost, ready-to-integrate AI-In-A-Box module is a revolutionary piece of engineering that houses a Large-Language-Model-based (LLM-based) AI for natural voice interactions without the requirement for an internet connection.

Unlike standard voice assistants, which require registered accounts and communication with an external server/datacentre housing the LLM, Useful Sensors’ solution keeps all interactions within their hardware module for greatly increased data privacy and security. This is enabled by Useful Sensors’ expertly crafted compression and acceleration of the LLM that allows its completely local implementation on a low-cost Cortex-A-class microprocessor within AI-In-A-Box.

Designers are now able to create products which can understand and interact with users, answer their questions, and help them to solve real-world problems and home-automation tasks without fears that they are being listened to by ‘Big Tech’ – All privacy concerns are eliminated. While voice interaction is the standard mode of communication with the device, AI-In-A-Box also supports real-time closed captioning of nearby conversations, and future updates will add text-to-speech functionality and the ability to translate between multiple languages.

If you are a product designer interested in using Useful Sensors’ AI-In-A-Box as part of a commercial project, fill out the form below, and ipXchange will facilitate evaluation and provide you with more information about the device.

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