Vishay Gen 3 650 V SiC Schottky Diodes

Vishay’s third generation of 650 V silicon carbide (SiC) Schottky diodes feature thin wafer technology for improved VF over previous generations – approximately 1.5 V at IF across all models – with 17% lower VF drop x QC for improved power efficiency, with no switching losses. When compared to silicon equivalents with comparable breakdown voltage, this SiC solution offer higher thermal conductivity, lower reverse current, and faster recovery, making them suitable as a forward-thinking alternative device in AC/DC PFC and DC/DC ultra-high frequency output rectification for FBPS and LLC converter designs across many applications.

These devices feature a positive VF temperature coefficient for easy paralleling, temperature invariant switching behaviour, and a maximum operating junction temperature of 175°C. The leakage current exhibited in this latest generation is up to 70% lower than competing devices, which reduces conduction losses and further improves system efficiency.

Vishay’s third-generation Schottky diodes are available in D2PAK 2L and TO-220AC 2L packages for the 4 A to 20 A models, corresponding to surge current maximum ratings of 29 A to 110 A. Dual 8 A, 10 A, and 20 A devices are also available in a TO-247AD 3L package with a common cathode. For more on the range of specifications and performance characteristics, follow these links to the datasheets for the 4 A D2PAK 2L device and the 20 A device in the D2PAK 2L, TO-220AC 2L, and dual TO-247AD 3L package options.

With their acquisition of MaxPower, Vishay aims to expand their SiC portfolio with many more devices in discrete, bare die, and modular variants. If you would like to evaluate Vishay’s technology or discuss what options may soon be available for use in a commercial application, fill out the form below, and ipXchange will put you in touch for consultation and evaluation via samples.

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