Wolfspeed CAR600M12HN6 SiC Half-Bridge Rectifier + Dynamic Characterisation Evaluation Platform

Wolfspeed’s CAR600M12HN6 half-bridge rectifier is rated at 1200 V, 600 A and is designed to provide the benefits of silicon carbide (SiC) in power-density-sensitive applications while maintaining the baseplate compatibility of a 62 mm module. The platform’s silicon carbide optimised packaging enables 175°C continuous junction operation, and a high-reliability silicon nitride (Si3N4) power substrate ensures mechanical robustness under extreme conditions with a lightweight AlSiC baseplate.

The CAR600M12HN6 comes from Wolfspeed’s sixth generation of half-bridge rectifiers using Schottky diodes and exhibits zero reverse recovery current and zero forward recovery voltage. Its absolute maximum ratings allow a continuous forward current of 908 A or a pulse at 1200 A (at 25°C), and the device exhibits temperature-independent switching behaviour as well as the compact and lightweight form factor and reduced thermal requirements and system costs enabled by the SiC technology.

An integrated NTC thermistor enables temperature monitoring during operation, but users will need to provide their own systems in order to turn this change in resistance into a useful data stream; the curve is provided in the data sheet for the complete -40°C to +175°C operating temperature of the device.

To evaluate their technology, Wolfspeed created the Dynamic Characterization Evaluation Tool, which can be used to test 62 mm modules from Wolfspeed’s HM power module platform family. If you require higher voltages in your application, please request the CAR600M17HN6 device (rated at 1700 V, 600 A) in the form below.

Please note that the picture shown only includes the evaluation platform as it can be used to test different modules.

(All images sourced from Wolfspeed)

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