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A closer look at Arduino’s new Nano Matter board!

Want to get started with the IoT-unifying Matter protocol? There’s an Arduino for that!

And in ipXchange’s final interview with Arduino at Embedded World 2024, Stefano finally reveals the Nano Matter board that we first discussed back at CES in our interview with Arduino’s CEO Fabio Violante. But this time, we have some specs and details!

As Stefano highlights, this 18 x 45-mm board features the standard castellated design of the other modern Arduino Nanos – for the option of direct SMD soldering onto a custom carrier board – as well as the USB-C port for power and programming that we saw introduced to the range with the Nano ESP32.

Of course, the main attraction is the Silicon Labs Cortex-M33 MGM240SD22VNA wireless MCU, which enables the Matter wireless protocol that gives this board its name. This is supported by 1536 kB of flash memory and 256 kB of RAM, in addition to Secure Vault to protect your IoT from external attacks.

Another great addition not available on other Arduino Nanos is a user push button for immediate functionality testing without having to solder or breadboard anything. You could use this for anything from lighting the onboard RGB LED to sending wireless commands – the antenna is also already on board!

If you’re looking for the easiest way to get started with Matter in applications such as industrial or building automation and smart home, follow the link to the board page below to learn more and apply to evaluate this board for your next commercial project!

If we’ve timed the release of this video right, the Nano Matter will be available in the next coming weeks. Fill out the form on the board page for early access.

Keep designing!

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Arduino Nano Matter MCU Development Board

Want a unified IoT and need the easiest way to start developing with Matter?

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