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Arduino’s Opta micro-PLCs just grew more outputs!

Are four outputs not enough for your Opta-based PLC application? Arduino just gave you a whole lot more!

In part 2 of ipXchange’s interviews about Arduino’s Opta micro-PLC family at Embedded World 2024, Stefano reveals the new Opta expansion modules!

By simply lining these devices up on the DIN rail, the Opta expansion modules offer seamless plug-and-play connection via your main Opta’s auxiliary (AUX) port, and the auxiliary ports of subsequent expansion modules.

This enables much larger PLC projects that are supported by the easy-to-use Arduino ecosystem, using your choice of standard PLC programming language.

Currently, there are three Opta expansion modules in the lineup, offering 8x electromechanical relays rated at 250 VAC, 6A, 8x solid-state relays rated at 24 VDC, 2A, or 2x analogue outputs rated at 0-10 V, 0/4-20 mA + 4x digital PWM outputs. And that’s just the outputs!

Learn more about the Opta micro-PLC, the new PLC Starter Kit, and these new expansion modules by following the link to the board page below. There, you can also apply to evaluate this technology for your next industrial project.

And we’re still not done with the new Arduino announcements…

Keep designing!

Love the Lego-like nature of these expansion modules? Check out part 1 of this interview series and ipXchange’s first Opta-focussed discussion by following the links below:

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