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Battery-less LoRa connectivity for a sustainable IoT: Acme System’s nine-year project is finally ready!

In this latest find from Maker Faire Rome 2023, ipXchange chats with Roberto from Acme Systems about a new energy harvesting technology for LoRa wireless communications. With nine years of development behind it, Acme Systems’ H10 module and Berta H10 development platform presents designers with a lowest-power-consumption LoRa solution that enables battery-less IoT products with up to 100 days standby operating lifetime in no-light conditions. Hot damn! 

The H10 module is built around Microchip’s SAM R35 LoRa sub-GHz SiP that features an Arm Cortex-M0+ core running at up to 48 MHz, but the smart part comes with Acme’s self-developed power circuitry that enables charging of a hybrid supercapacitor in low-light environments at less than 50 lux, as well as full charge of the supercapacitor after just 15 minutes of outdoor light exposure. 

With Standby-mode current draw at 1.3 µA and Transmit-mode current draw at 20 mA, the H10 module is a forward-thinking solution for getting to that all-important goal of the battery-less IoT, so consider this 40 x 27 x 2.5 mm board if you’re currently designing with Semtech, STMicro, or Murata modules. Acme has done all the (nine years of) hard work to maximise the potential of energy harvesting and LoRa technology, with specially designed antennas and a wide variety of the lowest-power, highest-performance sensors to interface with their system, so learn more by following the link to the board page below, where you can apply to evaluate this technology for use in a commercial project.   

As Robert mentions, Acme Systems also makes an Aerospace-qualified complete Linux system, capable of handling 10 G of acceleration – like a Raspberry Pi but with a power consumption of just 200 mW – so this won’t be the last time ipXchange covers this innovative company. 

Keep designing! 

Acme Systems H10 Extremely Low-Power Energy Harvesting LoRa Module

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