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While we edit and write up a few more videos from PCIM and SENSOR+TEST, let’s refresh you all on one of ipXchange’s favourite innovations from Embedded World: Intrinsic ID!

Yes, this security solution is something a little different as it uses the inherent uniqueness of every SRAM (or FPGA) device’s start-up behaviour as the source for a cryptographic key that some argue is post-quantum secure!

Check out our ePoster that highlights the key benefits of Intrinsic ID’s security solution, and if you’re not already sold, watch our interview with Vincent. Remember, this technology is already in every chip that contains SRAM – it’s intrinsic! – so why not benefit from it? All that’s required is for Intrinsic ID to read that fingerprint and equip you chip with a key that is only present when the device is powered on.

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Intrinsic ID Physical Unclonable Function Security Solutions

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