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Future-proofing your IoT’s security credentials

Want full control over the security credentials of your IoT devices, with the ability to perform easy changes over the air?

In the first of two interviews with Kudelski IoT at Embedded World 2024, ipXchange chats to Fred about securing your chips the Kudelski way. For the typical attendee at Embedded World, Kudelski supports three main areas within this aspect of an embedded ecosystem:

  • Lab services for security penetration testing
  • Secure IP blocks to eliminate the need for external security chips
  • Security key onboarding, either at the factory or in the field

The last point is the key focus of ipXchange’s first discussion, introducing Kudelski’s keySTREAM platform to those looking to beef up their device security.

Using keySTREAM could not be simpler:

  • Engineers purchase compatible chips from their favourite vendors – keySTREAM works with many devices from manufacturers including STMicroelectronics, Microchip, Qorvo, and more…
  • Once the chips arrive, engineers log into Kudelski IoT’s online platform and register the chips – alternatively, this can be done at the factory.
  • Engineers can then swap the default certificates for new security credentials that are configured to the needs of the application, and unknown to the chip vendor.
  • If security credentials require updating or changing for whatever reason, engineers can manage these using the online platform and redeploy them via OTA updates.

The key advantage of keySTREAM is that it provides engineers with full control over their devices’ security credentials, even after support is dropped by the original chip vendor!

Kudelski offers free testing for up to 100 devices registered on keySTREAM should you be interested in evaluating this technology. Additionally, Kudelski’s Matter credential system – with free testing certificates – means that you can authenticate your device on a Matter network and try out this unifying wireless protocol with all the security in place to fully protect your devices and data.

Follow the link to the board page below to get connected with Kudelski and start your IoT security journey today.

Keep designing!

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