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Take control of your IoT security with keySTREAM

Ever wanted to streamline security provisioning across your chip inventory? With support from many big-name vendors, keySTREAM is your solution!

In ipXchange’s second interview with Kudelski IoT at Embedded World 2024, we chat with Hardy about how to ensure your devices comply with new security regulations like the Cyber Resilience Act.

The first key step – all puns intended – is to create a unique identity for each of your chips, which you can easily do with Kudelski’s keySTREAM security onboarding platform. ipXchange got a brief introduction to this new service as part of our [first interview with Kudelski IoT: link], but Hardy explains it in more detail this time around.

keySTREAM is supported by many of your favourite big-name chip vendors and allows you to directly assign and manage the security keys of your devices and perform advanced functions such as:

  • Over The Air (OTA) firmware updates
  • Secure boot
  • Key rotation for additional security

By having control over your own security keys, rather than keeping the ones assigned when the chip was first manufactured, you can keep your devices secure even after manufacturer support for the chip has ended.

It also protects your chips in the event that a manufacturer or distributor’s data becomes compromised, for whatever reason.

The keySTREAM toolchain is integrated as part of supported chipsets from manufacturers like Microchip, STMicroelectronics, and Qorvo, and all that is required to manage your keys is to sign into Kudelski’s online platform after receiving the chips. There, you can simply control a device’s identity and access credentials in the same way as you’d manage devices from an IoT cloud platform.

The big advantage of working with Kudelski IoT and keySTREAM is that it can cover many of your products thanks to the compatibility with many chipsets across many manufacturers.

In effect, keySTREAM is the single-source security solution in the event of second-sourced chips!

Learn more about the limits of keySTREAM’s trial versions by following the link to the board page below, where you can fill out a form and apply to evaluate this technology today.

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Kudelski IoT keySTREAM Security Onboarding Platform

Need a one-stop embedded security solution for chipsets from multiple big-name vendors?

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